MINI's "The Best Test Drive Ever. Period."




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Erich Joiner from Tool of North America directed this short which realizes the six-word description from contestant Mathew Foster as to what his dream test drive would be in the MINI 2012 John Cooper Works Coupe. This wild ride features a stewardess, salt flats, sushi, paratroopers and a rock band. Agency is Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.


Client: MINI USA; Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners; John Butler, Mike Shine, executive creative directors; Steve Mapp, Lyle Yetman, Erik Enberg, creative directors; Christian Laniosz, art director; Stacy McClain, broadcast producer; Adrienne Cummins, director of broadcast production; Production Company: Tool of North America; Erich Joiner, director; Mark Plummer, DP; Joby Ochsner, producer; Brian Latt, managing director; Oliver Fuselier, executive producer; Editorial: Cleaver; Pete Koob, editor; Ivy Calhoun, associate editor; Richard Quan, executive producer; Postproduction: Spypost; Chris Martin, telecine; Lori Joseph, executive producer; Visual Effects: The Mission; Michael Pardee, executive producer; Rob Trent, creative director; Joey Brattesani, lead compositor; Ryan Meredith, producer; Sound Design: Squeak E. Clean; Jack Catlin, sound designer; Cleaver Pete Koob, sound designer; Audio: One Union Recording Studios; Eben Carr, mixer; Lauren Mask, executive producer; Principal Actors: Mathew Foster, Chasty Ballesteros.


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