Ali Wong Gives Voice To Coors Pure; Droga5 NY, Director Jeff Low Give Laughs


Robert Goldrich
Friday, May. 7, 2021


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Last month, Coors launched its first USDA-certified organic brew, Coors Pure, with a literal “Beer Run” in Central Park and a nationwide beer giveaway for drinkers who simply ran in the shape of a Coors Pure can. Now, Droga5 New York has turned out the brand’s first national campaign, which debuts with the tagline, “Organic, but Chill About it.”

Coors Pure is an organic beer with three simple ingredients: barley, hops and water, 0 sugar, and only 92 calories. It’s a beer that lets you drink and maintain your healthy lifestyle. If you like beer and you also run every now and then—this beer’s for you. If you remember to cycle sometimes but conveniently “forget” other times—this beer’s also for you. If you’re into ultra-marathons or hiking at 5 am. Then no, this beer is not for you.

To launch this balanced beer, the Droga5-conceived campaign recognizes average Joes and Janes who’re trying to live a more balanced life and celebrates their everyday fitness wins—whether that’s going out for a jog just to escape their kids or switching to a standing desk because of a scary article they read one day. If they tried to live better, they deserve a beer.

The two hero :30 spots for the campaign are titled “Running Mom” and “Standing Desk Matt”--both feature the voice of Ali Wong as a literal talking can of Coors Pure that comes to life after our hero opens it at the end of the day. Through Wong, we hear the beer hype our heroes up after reviewing their healthy-ish moments during the day. Why? Just because they tried.

Both spots, including this one, “Running Mom,” were directed by Jeff Low of Biscuit Filmworks.


Client Molson Coors/Coors Pure Agency Droga5 New York Tim Gordon, Felix Richter, co-chief creative officers; Karen Land Short, executive creative director; Tara Lawall, group creative director; Bernardo Gonzalez, Michael Kleinman, associate creative directors; Danielle Gasbarro, copywriter; Jasper Yu, art director; Maddie Bone, director; Ruben Mercadal, associate director of film production; Roger Moran, sr. producer, film; Mike Ladman, sr. music supervisor; Nick Keenan, music supervisor; Ben Brown, group strategy director; Matt Forster, strategy director; Mariel Milner, communications strategist; Emily Banaszynski, communications strategist; Daria Koren, sr. data strategist. Production Biscuit Filmworks Jeff Low, director; Alwin Kuchler, DP; Shawn Lacy, partner/managing director; Holly Vega, exec producer; Sean Moody, head of production; Grace Bodie, producer. Editorial MackCut Dave Koza, editor; Zoe Newman, assistant editor; Gina Pagano, exec producer; Sam Shafffer, sound design. Postproduction The Mill Mandy Harris, exec producer; Shannon Botts, sr. producer; Andre Vidal, sr. lead compositor; Joseph Yoon, associate compositor; Nick Metcalf, colorist; Lucy Gatanis, color producer. Music Squeak E. Clean Studios Greg Essig, composer; Zac Colwell, creative director; Chris Clark, executive creative producer; Danielle Toporoff, sr. producer. Sound Design/Mix Wave Studios Aaron Reynolds, sound designer; Chris Afzal, sound mixer; Vicky Ferraro, exec producer; Eleni Giannopoulos, producer.

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