American Family Insurance Campaign Expresses "Grati2ude" For Derek Jeter 


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Aug. 5, 2022


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American Family Insurance has teamed with multicultural agency Elite Media and ESPN Creative Works to create a series of commercials that are airing during the ESPN documentary series, The Captain, which delves into the life of Derek Jeter, the Hall of Fame shortstop for the New York Yankees. Jeter has been a brand ambassador for American Family Insurance since 2016. And now American Family Insurance is an associate sponsor of The Captain.

The American Family commercials depict Jeter traveling back in time to thank many of the important people in his life who helped him achieve his baseball dreams. The campaign is called “Grati2ude” and, as Jeter remarks at the end of each film, “With the right support, any dream is possible.”  

Kicking off the series of films is this one titled “Early Years” which acknowledges the early positive influences in Jeter’s life ranging from his parents to a baseball coach to outfielder Dave Winfield, whom Jeter as a kid idolized.

The American Family campaign is custom content that authentically complements the documentary--with footage that feels like a flashback, as Jeter celebrates those who helped him along the way. 

The spots were directed by the Jams x Bash duo (consisting of Jamaal Parham and Bashan Aquart) via production company Art Class.


Client American Family Insurance Agency Elite Media Christopher Crawford, chief creative officer; Jindai Joseph, creative leads; Mo Alsadi, art director; Jackie Crockwell, project coordinator; JD Williams, executive producer; Steve Centrillo, engagement director. Production Company Art Class Jams x Bash (Jamaal Parham and Bashan Aquart), directors; Rebecca Niles, EP/managing director, live action; Sparkle Jones, head of production; Hannah Grigereit, production coordinator; Michael Montenegro, line producer; Corwin Carroll, managing director; Sean Owolo, exec producer; Brian Keegan, head of postproduction; Tyrone Rhabb, sr. editor; Savannah Cannistraro, post producer; Matthew Steidl, on set supervisor; Josh Guillaume, VFX supervisor; Peter Timberlake, lead compositor; Johannes Saam, deepfake VFX. Color Rare Medium Mikey Rossiter, colorist. Audio Julian Bickford, sound engineer; Joel Porras, assistant editor. Additional Production ESPN Creative Works Jamie Overkamp, creative director; Kim Salatino, Ira Fritz, associate creative directors; Kyle Wright, sr. director agency production; Karen Frank, producer; Jeremy Anderson, postproduction content producer; Colin Ryan, sr. manager client activation; Carrie Brzezinski Hsu, VP, ESPN Creative Studio; Anthony Nelson, VP agency production; Jay Marrotte, VP creative development & ad integration

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