Amnesty International's "Pen"


Robert Goldrich


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A modern, inspiring take on the old adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” comes in the form of this public service piece for Amnesty International directed by Onur Senturk, co-produced by and the studio One More for agency TBWA Paris. Pen is a CG film shot in motion capture that shows the potential power of signatures in the defense of human rights. Highlighting that the voice of a single person can bring about the birth of a social movement, the film concludes with the words “your signature is more powerful than you think” and includes the song Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini, which features the voice of Charlie Chaplin. Through powerful imagery, Amnesty International has encapsulated the essence of its primary objective--inspiring communities to defend their fundamental human rights.


Client Amnesty International Agency TBWA Paris Philippe Taroux, Benoit Leroux, creative directors; Ingrid Varetz, art director; Maxime Boiron, head of TV; Amer Zoghbi, producer. Production One More, co-producer Onur Senturk, director; James Hagger, producer; Aurelie Chevalier, Cecile Alvarez, production managers; Charles-Philippe Bowles, production assistant; Thomas Bidart, 1st AD. Motion Capture Mocaplab Remi Brun, motion capture shoot director; Frank Vayssettes, motion capture supervisor; Charles Fourgeront, motino capture editor. Performers Romain Ogerau (hero), Franck Pech, Charles Lelaure, motion capture actors. Post One More Benjamin Darras, post producer; Johnny Alves, art director; John Meunier, postproduction coordinator; Eddy Richard, VFX supervisor; Francois-Xavier Gonnet, 3D artist. Gwenhael Glon, modeling setup; Romain Durr, layout; Jeremie Vidal, animation; Jerome Rouvelet, Thomas Rodriguez, tim Lebon, Victor Besse, layout, lighting, renders, compositing; Alain Xerri, R&D supervisor; Nicolas Larrouquere, editor; Romain Bouileau, additional editing; Herve Thouement Flame operator. Music Paolo Nutini, Dave Nelson & Charlie Chaplin; Philippe Mineur, Ferdinand Huet, music art direction; Benoit Dunaigre, sound producer; Olivier Lefebvre, head of music & sound.

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