AMV BBDO, Director Jono Hunter Say Goodbye For Currys PC World


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018


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In this spot titled “Clive” from London agency AMV BBDO, we see a son and his father packing the car. The lad is leaving to attend college. Clive seems to be struggling to find the words to say goodbye to his father. But it’s not until the close of a heart-felt, emotional farewell that we reveal it’s his old laptop he’s been speaking to all along. “I love you,” Clive says bravely, “But I’d also love at least £200 off a new laptop at Currys PC World.” We cut to in-store at Currys PC World as a helpful employee outlines the benefits of his shiny new laptop.

The commercial is part of a campaign for Currys PC world that aims to encourage students and parents to upgrade their laptops in preparation for the new term. In addition the campaign addresses the low inertia in the wider public to upgrade their laptop, by demonstrating just how easy it is to upgrade when you trade in your old laptop at Currys PC World. With parents and their kids typically finding it difficult to say goodbye to their old laptops, Currys PC World is attempting to encourage them with a great trade-in offer. 

Jono Hunter directed “Clive” via production house MindsEye.


Client Currys PC World Agency AMV BBDO London Oliver Frost, creative; Andy Clough, Rich McGrann, creative directors; Polly Lowles, Yvonne Clayton, producers. Production MindsEye Jono Hunter, director; Hera King, producer. Postproduction The Mill Music JPML Audio Post Jungle

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