Arnold Worldwide, Director David Shane Throw Challenge Flag For Progressive Insurance


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Sep. 19, 2022


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New for the football season, Progressive Insurance and creative agency Arnold Worldwide are taking the football replay challenge into homes to help folks settle common household disagreements. The campaign uses the “funny because it’s true” insight that we all have moments in life we wish we could go back to and review to settle a disagreement. Towards that end, the campaign even uses a symbol that football fans will instantly recognize.

This first spot--“Life Jackets” directed by David Shane of O Positive--features a couple unloading a canoe from their car near a river, when they realized they left their life jackets at home. This, of course, leads to a game of “he said, she said.” With the throw of a challenge flag, a replay official appears to end the finger pointing and confirm who was correct once and for all.

Sean McBride, chief creative officer, Arnold Worldwide, said, “I think we can all agree that real life should have a challenge flag. Imagine how many squabbles we’d settle if we could just roll back the tape and confirm who did or didn’t say or do the thing in question. Our new campaign for Progressive for the football season is exactly the kind of work we most love making at Arnold--work born of a simple human truth and brought to life with world-class craft and keen attention to detail.”



Client Progressive Insurance Agency Arnold Worldwide Sean McBride, chief creative officer; Gregg Nelson, Michael Sullivan, SVPs/group creative directors; Tori Young, sr. copywriter; Danny Hughes, art director; Sean Vernaglia, SVP, executive producer; Catherine Sheehan, EVP, brand strategy director. Production O Positive David Shane, director; Charlie Sarroff, DP; Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill, exec producers; Jason Reda, line producer. Editorial Cosmo Street Editorial Aaron Langley, editor; Anne Lai, head of production

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