The-Artery, Jiminy Creative Share Pride Month "Rainbow Story" Featuring Laverne Cox For SodaStream


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jun. 11, 2021


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Directed by The-Artery’s Uri Schutzer, this SodaStream International brand film, entitled Rainbow Story, visualizes key moments from the life of Emmy-nominated actress and LGTBQ+ activist Laverne Cox through both live-action content and classic 2D animation. The narrative follows Cox from her childhood to the accomplished woman she is today. The animated compositions, which were led by The-Artery’s Yonatan Tal, include Cox transforming into a flying superhero, colorful parades, the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling protecting LGBTQ+ employees against discrimination, and much more.

In celebration of Pride Month, the brand is launching a limited-edition sparkling water maker kit, also named “The Rainbow Story,” empowering the community to share their personal pride stories. A portion of proceeds will be donated to global NGO ILGA World.


Client SodaStream International Jez Willy, Wayne Hanson, Yariv Ratner, creatives Production Company Jiminy Creative Uri Schutzer, director; Kobi Hoffmann, exec producer; Itai Neeman, DP; Adam Jette, production designer; Christina Pacelli, stylist; Kiyah Wright, hair; Tay Rivera Nails: Eri Ishizu, makeup. Production Services Rodeo Show Hani Selim, exec producer; Dawn Hoffman, producer. Editorial Jiminy Creative Yair Tamir, editor; Sivan Meisliz, edit assistant; Orit Pinco, post producer. VFX & Design The-Artery Vico Sharabani, executive creative director; Deborah Sullivan, executive post producer; Emily Brown, post producer; Yonathan Tal, animation supervisor; Joey Karwal, Miles Schlenker, Josh Brennan, Vivian Le, Greg Barry, animation; Aarif Attarwala, Asaf Yeger, Micky Gorenstein, Flame; Joe Grundfast, CG; Stephen Picano, color grading. Soundtrack “My Rainbow” Original Music Tomer Biran Sound Design Broadcast Media Avi Zonshine, sound design. 

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