Banjoman's Dermot Malone Directs Xmas Film For Monaghan's Cashmere


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021


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Monaghan’s Cashmere, situated in Dublin, Ireland’s iconic shopping district, was established 61 years ago by the now 96-year-old Tom Monaghan. In its lifetime, the luxury knitwear and cashmere business has weathered three recessions and most recently, the COVID-19 crisis--which forced the store to close its doors for the very first time. Usually serving customers visiting Dublin from around the world, lockdowns and travel restrictions meant the longstanding establishment has faced unprecedented challenges through the past year and a half. 

Now, the retailer is launching first-ever Christmas campaign, produced by Banjoman Films, as it works to bounce back. Creatively devised and directed by Dermot Malone, this "Unforgettable" film moves away from the standard festive formula with a touching story inspired by Tom Monaghan himself. 

The film, which stars Irish theatre actor Barry McGovern (Braveheart, The Tudors, Game of Thrones), follows an elderly man experiencing his first Christmas since his wife passed away. Living on a farm with just his beloved horse for company, he frequently has flashbacks to his late wife at various stages in their life. When his family arrives for Christmas, he struggles to share in their festive spirit, especially when his young granddaughter breaks a picture frame holding a photo of his wife, himself, and their horse. Unbeknownst to him, however, the granddaughter takes notice of the red cable jumper he was wearing in the picture, and when mischievously rifling through his belongings, finds it. Struggling with the emotions and past memories of his wife on Christmas Day, the protagonist goes to visit his horse in the stable--only to discover his granddaughter has left him a special gift in the horse box. 

The piece will not only debut on social media, but will screen in Monaghan Cashmere’s shop window on December 1--which will be the first time Tom Monaghan sees the finished film. 



Client Monaghan’s Cashmere Production Banjoman, Dublin, Ireland Dermot Malone, director. Postproduction MPC London Music Michael MacLennan

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