Saturday, October 21, 2017
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BBH Singapore Introduces Memory Champ/Master of the IKEA Catalogue


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017


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Meet Yanjaa Wintersoul, the 23-yr-old, two-time world memory champion, who has learned every detail of the 2018 IKEA Catalogue--all 328 pages of it. And she did it in just one week.

Pick any random page from the 2018 IKEA Catalogue and Wintersoul can recite almost every infinite detail--from a child’s drawing stuck on a far corner of a room’s fridge on page 21, to the types of books sitting inside a glass BRIMNES Cabinet on page 132.

And if you don’t believe her, you can test or witness her in action on a Facebook Live event on September 6th 2017 at 5PM Singapore.
Wintersoul is the face of IKEA’s 2018 Catalogue launch for the Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand markets.
Created by BBH Singapore, the 2018 IKEA Catalogue launch begins today with a series of content films, digital and social activities, print and out of home.
This IKEA Human Catalogue Test Film takes viewers on a journey of how IKEA auditioned and tested Wintersoul’s extraordinary skills.
Nikhil Panjwani, creative director, BBH Singapore, said, “I’m forgetting the details, but I vaguely remember this idea being born in a workshop somewhere. I have a fleeting memory of the meeting room where our amazing client took a giant leap of faith and gave us a go-ahead. I faintly recollect telling someone that even if we had hired the best talent scout in Hollywood, we wouldn’t have been able to find someone as amazing and charismatic as Yanjaa.”


Client IKEA Agency BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore Joakim Borgstrom, executive creative director/creative director; Nikhil Panjwani, creative director/writer; Jon Loke, Kooichi Chee, art directors; Maurice Wee, Yashanti Yap, Bae Soo Yeon, Zac Ong, Anastasia Serdukova, Emily Rosen, creative team; James Sowden, head of planning; Josie Khng, sr. social strategist; Nurul Maideen, community manager; Daphne Ng, executive producer; Chris Salonga, Zac Ong, digital producers. Production Freeflow Productions Studio Eva Loo Peggy Goh, director.

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