The Best Work You May Never See: Ad Council, Deutsch LA "Do It For Me" To Promote COVID Vaccines Among Young Adults


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Sep. 23, 2021


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Developed by Deutsch LA, this public service film from the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative targeting young adults brings together pairs of people who know and deeply care about one another--one vaccinated and one vaccine-hesitant--and captures their poignant interaction as they discuss their various, differing, viewpoints. Each conversation is unique, reframing difficult conversations from a shame-free place of love and empathy. The film’s closing message, “Let’s make an informed decision. Together” underscores the notion of people coming together to hear each other out with mutual respect. Viewers are guided to for additional information and a conversation guide to aid in having their own discussions with loved ones about the vaccines.

Titled “Do It For Me,” the film was directed by Eric Kaufman of Steelhead.

“We wanted to start a conversation between people in loving relationships who happen to disagree on the COVID-19 vaccine. Too often these conversations are contentious and between strangers. We wanted to see what would happen if we peeled away that noise and started in a place of empathy and vulnerability,” said Diego de la Maza, EVP, head of production, Deutsch LA. “While this certainly led to some heated moments on set, the conversations were noticeably different because they were grounded in love. The outcome is a compilation of authentic personal moments that highlight the importance of arming yourself with the facts and making a decision that’s right for you and your loved ones.”


Client The Ad Council, COVID Collaborative Agency Deutsch LA Diego de la Maza, head of production/producer; Eric Kaufman, creative director; Chip Herter, music director; Will Eichler, music supervisor. Production Steelhead Eric Kaufman, director; Ian Rigby, DP; Chris Kauffman, exec producer; Tony McGarry, line producer; Ashlee Zwahlen, production manager. Editorial Whitehouse Post Deb Schimmel, editor; Jordan McAfee-Hahn, assistant; Lynne Mannino, sr. producer; Joanna Manning, exec producer. Postproduction Steelhead Jennifer Mersis, head of postproduction; Heather Stanic, post producer; Fernanda Toledo, online editor; Cayce Sylvester, mix; Mike Reigle, finishing compositor. Color Grading Company 3 Dave Hussey, colorist. Music Milk & Honey Silo Bettina Bergstrom, composer.


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