The Best Work You May Never See: Agency BMB, Director David Kerr Serve "Vino" For Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion, Paranoid Homeowners


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 22, 2020


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Dorset, U.K.-based ad agency BMB has turned out a campaign in which paranoid homeowners take over-the-top measures to protect their newly painted or wallpapered rooms from being stained. David Kerr through production house Hungry Man directed the three spots, including this one titled “Vino” in which a couple who have had their home freshly decorated serve expensive red wine to their guests in spill-proof children’s sippy cups.

These excessive precautions aren’t necessary though if you use stain resistant Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion. Homeowners can relax because stains, spills and scuffs can simply be wiped away.

The new Modern Emulsion finish was created by a team of artisanal craftsmen and dedicated chemists at the brand’s Dorset factory, and combines beauty and durability with the needs of busy family homes, while staying true to the eco-friendly ethos that underpins the 100% water based Farrow & Ball range.

BMB CCO Matt Lever said, “Anyone who’s ever bought a property has walked the tightrope of excitement and trepidation that comes with inviting people into your newly painted pride and joy. Playing on that human truth to remind people of Modern Emulsion’s durability and hardiness has been a lot of fun.”


Client Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion Agency BMB Matt Lever, chief creative officer; Mel Arrow, head of strategy; Will Marsden, Jordan Down, sr. creatives; Dom Grant, head of design; Sam Hamer, designer; Kate Banks, sr. producer. Production Hungry Man David Kerr, director; Stephen Johnson, producer. Editorial The Assembly Rooms Postproduction MPC Audio Wave

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