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The Best Work You May Never See: Amarula Trust's "Ivory Tracker" From FCB Cape Town


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017


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A new campaign from FCB Cape Town for the Amarula Trust aims to decrease demand for elephant ivory through education.
The “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign aims to spread the message that every ivory product bought and sold on the black market means another elephant lost to poaching.
The campaign is led by a powerful online film titled Ivory Tracker, demonstrating that ordinary, well-meaning people unwittingly perpetuate the killing--every 15 minutes--of another African elephant for its ivory.
The film tells the story of a tracker as he follows the trail of poached ivory from a dead bull elephant, across the plains of Africa, the shipyards of Nairobi, the backstreets of Hong Kong and all the way to an upscale apartment in New York City.
It finally climaxes to one provocative message: “Ivory poaching stops with you.” 

Ivory Tracker was directed by Felix Seuffert of Butterfly Films.
According to FCB Cape Town ECD Mike Barnwell, the plight of African elephants has always been an integral part of the Amarula cream liquer story. After all, the marula fruit used to create it only grows in one place on earth--the untamed African plains, side-by-side with majestic herds of these gentle giants, he said.



Client The Amarula Trust Agency FCB Cape Town Mike Barnwell, executive creative director; Aaron Harris, creative director; Alistair Morgan, copywriter; Dylan Davies, art director; Ashleigh Jarrett, producer. Production Butterfly Films Felix Seuffert, director; Anna Telford, Michael Klein, producers. Editorial Richard Starkey, editor.

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