The Best Work You May Never See: Andy Fackrell Creates, Sam Coleman Directs "Superfrau" For On Running Shoes


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019


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“An athlete or a mother. You shouldn’t have to choose,’’ says Swiss triathlete and Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig in running shoe brand On’s latest marketing campaign. 

Centerpiece of the campaign is this three-minute Superfrau biopic which starts with a dramatic shot of Spirig, strong and commanding in a swimming costume, seemingly about to dive into a cold Lake St Moritz to start training. On closer inspection she is holding something in her arms--it turns out to be her five-month old baby Alexis. This poignant moment sets the tone in a short film demonstrating the seamlessness of Spirig’s existence as an athlete and as a mother--showing how passionate she is about these two equally important aspects of her life. A strong call to arms that women should never have to sacrifice a part of themselves to have a family. 

Directed by Sam Coleman of Giant Films, Cape Town, the piece contrasts footage of Spirig’s incredible endurance--running, cycling and swimming through the Swiss mountains--with the intimacy of caring for her three young children. The film is made by award-winning creative director and sports expert Andy Fackrell who has a rich legacy, having worked with leading agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and 180 Amsterdam on the two biggest sports brands in the world--and most recently he’s committed his time to environmental and socially conscious campaigns.

Fackrell shared, “I’ve been lucky to work with some of the biggest names for Nike and adidas, but this was the first time working with an athlete who is also a mother of three. And one that’s been competing at this level for 20 years. The reason she’s so good is more than simply talent--being a mother has made her even more determined and focused. She may well be the greatest endurance athlete in the world. And on top of this she’s also a lawyer. Therefore, I can safely say: a superfrau, Nicola Spirig most definitely is.”


Client On AG. Agency Andy Fackrell, Sydney Andy Fackrell, creative Production Giant Films, Butterfly Films, Cape Town Sam Coleman, director Anna Telford, exec producer; David Horler, Catherine De la Harpe, line producers; Devin Toselli, DP; Wendy Fredriksson, production design & costume. Editorial The Post Office, Auckland Steve Gulik, editor. Music Grayson Gilmore, Wellington Sound Big Tree Studios, Auckland David Liversidge, sound design & mix. Color/Online/Flame Big Tree Studios, Auckland David McLaren, colorist; James Corden, online/Flame; Rachel Liversidge, postproduction producer.

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