The Best Work You May Never See: Anti-Vaping PSA From Publicis Canada Has Parents Screaming At Ice Cream


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Mar. 16, 2020


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In just one year, the number of Canadian teens who vape has increased by 74 percent. To raise awareness of this alarming situation and to further educate parents, the Canadian Lung Association, Heart & Stroke Foundation has partnered with Publicis Canada in Toronto to create the “Flavored vapes Hook Kids” video campaign which highlights how industry uses flavors to attract young people to products that contain nicotine.

In this particular PSA, we see an ice cream truck vendor selling his treats to families and more specifically to kids. The ice cream flavors are all enticing except for one flaw--each serving contains nicotine. Upon learning this, parents are angered, disgusted and mortified. Yet there is not nearly that same level of disdain and horror when vaping companies push their luscious tropical or kid favorite combo flavors in an effort to get youngsters addicted.

Titled “Ice Cream Truck,” this short was directed by a trio of creatives from Publicis Canada--Tim Kavander, Dean Hore and Lucas Longman.


Client Canadian Lung Association, Heart & Stroke Foundation Agency Publicis Canada, Toronto Tim Kavender, EVP, creative director, writer; Dean Hore, group creative director, writer; Lucas Longman, associate creative director, art director; Adam Notzi Keyser, writer; Andrew Schuler, art director; Pam Portsmouth, producer; Lori Jankelow, associate creative director of design/graphic designer. Production IQ Productions/The Makers Tim Kavendar, Dean Hore, Lucas Longman, directors (all creatives from Publicis Canada); Mark Bisson, Jennifer Millington, Terry Theofilactidis, production execs; Marc Milliard, line producer; Sean McBride (The Makers), DP. Casting Steven Mann Casting Postproduction VideoNerve Karen Huybers, postproduction producer; Drew Stevenson, editor; Daryl Shaughnessy, Flame artist. Color The Vanity Andrew Exworth, colorist. Music/Sound Pirate Toronto Tom Eymundson, audio director. Location Sound Toronto Sound Adam Clark, location sound.

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