The Best Work You May Never See: Arnold Worldwide, Director Haya Waseem Gain Exposure For Eating Disorders With Monte Nido's "Hidden"


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jun. 10, 2024


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Monte Nido, an eating disorder treatment provider, has partnered with Arnold Worldwide to launch a campaign highlighting the common behaviors of those quietly suffering from an eating disorder. The goal is to help them feel seen and inspire them.

Eating disorders are a growing, deadly epidemic, yet most cases go unnoticed and untreated because many people suffering are hiding in plain sight. People with all forms of eating disorders, whether knowingly or not, have similar behaviors and habits surrounding a common theme: hiding. From concealing their bodies to hiding food wrappers, they keep parts of themselves hidden from those around them.

The centerpiece of the campaign is this :60 hero film, “Hidden,” that leans into specific behaviors of those suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Directed by Haya Waseem via the production house Object & Animal, the film begins with a child counting, a misdirect that leads the viewer to believe this is a simple game of hide and seek. As the scenes unfold, the larger picture reveals individuals struggling with eating disorders through hiding behaviors, showing how taxing the disorders can be on them physically and emotionally.

“When we work on projects like this, I’m keenly aware of the direct relationship between the craft we bring to a project, and its ability to reach the people it needs to reach,” said Sean McBride, chief creative officer of Arnold. “These stories need to reflect real human experience. The audience needs to feel both seen and understood, but never pandered to or preached to. Clients, agency and production all came together very quickly to form one, unified team on this project--a team hell-bent on making work well-crafted enough to really make a difference. And we’re incredibly proud of the result.”

In addition to the hero, three :30 spots will each focus on a specific eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder). The films end with the message: “Millions of people are hiding an eating disorder everyday. At Monte Nido, we’re ready to help.”

The new campaign marks Arnold’s first work for Monte Nido. The campaign will come to life online through video, social, and digital display as well as offline at industry events.


Client Monte Nido Agency Arnold Worldwide Sean McBride, chief creative officer; Val Bettini, chief client officer; Diana Friedman, associate creative director; Aubrey Estes, copywriter; Paul Shannon, SVP, head of production; Kara Canole, producer; Lucia Corso, strategy director. Production Company Objects & Animal Haya Waseem, director; Christopher Lew, DP; Justin Benoliel, Emi Stewart, exec producers; Liam Benstead, bid producer. Production Service Company Animals Dan Montgomery, producer; Candice Napoleone, coordinator; Keith Giesbrecht, assistant director; Rob Day, head of production; Peter Widdrington, talent coordinator. Editorial Cabin Dylan Edwards, editor; Dani Roth, assistant editor; Linden Carty, post producer; Hope DuHaime, exec producer; Lisa Barnable, head of production. Color Royal Muster Gregory Reese, colorist. Music Hifi Project Max Khale, composer; Jesse Marks, sr. audio engineer; Jack Kaplan, creative project manager; Chris Heidman, creative director; Jack Bradley, exec producer.

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