The Best Work You May Never See: BBH London, Animation Collective Golden Wolf Reimagine Three Little Pigs Tale For Weetabix


Robert Goldrich
Monday, May. 23, 2022


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The tale of the Three Little Pigs gets an unexpected twist in the latest “Have you had your Weetabix?” campaign, created by BBH London.

Titled “Wolf,” this spot directed by animation collective Golden Wolf via Stink Films, initially seems to be telling the familiar fable of a trio of pigs and their houses - or more specifically, the failing of their building material choices. While hand drawn in the tradition of classic animated tales, eagle eyed viewers will see the story has been modernized with little touches, such as an iPhone being charged in the house built of sticks, and the pigs themselves being reimagined with slightly different characteristics.

As in the fable, the pigs escape to the house built of bricks, and confidently sneer at the wolf from the supposedly safe and decidedly fancy residence. However, soon it seems their confidence that the house can survive any amount of huffing and puffing is misplaced--thanks to the Big Bad Wolf’s decision to have his Weetabix that morning.

Felipe Guimaraes, deputy executive creative director at BBH London, said: “Weetabix has a long and popular history of taking famous and legendary stories and tearing up the script, which is why these campaigns are always brilliant fun to work on. The truth is anyone can benefit from a Weetabix breakfast, even the Big Bad Wolf. 


Client Weetabix Agency BBH London Alex Grieve, chief creative officer; Helen Rhodes, executive creative director; Felipe Guimaraes, deputy executive creative director; Grace Chambers, copywriter; Lucy Johnstone, art director; Fran Griffin, strategy director; Jemima Bowers, producer. Production Stink Golden Wolf, director; Jenny King, Jeremy Smith, producers; Jonathan Knowles, photographer. Postproduction Golden Wolf/ETC/Unit Audio Post String and Tins

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