The Best Work You May Never See: Bosch's "Llama Drama" From Director Matt Swanson, Scored By Yessian, INFECTED, Hamburg


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019


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In this humorous yet thoroughly offbeat spot, a man is hounded by a llama who has a penchant for spitting at him. This occurs at different venues though thankfully there’s always a window or other glass barrier--at a bank teller station or on the subway--preventing the guy from being directly hit.

Nonetheless being targeted and stalked by a llama can be a bit unnerving--until the gent gets a chance to respond. While sitting behind the wheel of his car, the man is again confronted by the llama who spits on the vehicle’s windshield. The driver merely activates his Bosch windshield wipers, showing the llama who’s boss.

Matthew Swanson of Markenfilm in Hamburg directed “Llama Drama” for Bosch windshield wipers out of agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster, Hamburg. The spot was scored by Yessian Music, with sound design form INFECTED GmbH, Hamburg.


Client Bosch Agency Jung von Matt/Next Alster, Hamburg, Germany. Production Markenfilm Hamburg Matthew Swanson, director; Stephan Brockmann, Lena Schultz, producers. 3D/Animation Studio INFECTED GMBH, Hamburg Music Yessian Music, Hamburg Christopher Carmichael, composer; Ingmar Rehberg, executive producer/managing director; Helena Schmitz, Lukas Lehmann, producers; Brian Yessian, chief creative officer; Michael Yessian, head of production. Sound Design INFECTED GmbH, Hamburg Hannes Hönemann, sound designer. Audio Post INFECTED GmbH, Hamburg Hannes Hönemann, mixer.

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