The Best Work You May Never See: Cactus Creates Bowling Mayhem From Scratch For Colorado Lottery


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Feb. 1, 2021


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Denver ad agency Cactus created this spot, “Mayhem Scratch,” for longtime client Colorado Lottery

With a nod in part to bowling-themed films such as The Big Lebowski and Kingpin, the new ad opens with contestants in a local bowling tournament learning that runner-up prize-winners go home with the new scratch-off games from the Colorado Lottery. Thus there’s a major incentive to tank as the bowlers do their best to fail--from throwing balls into the gutter, off the wall and even the ceiling, antics accompanied by deadpan play by play from sports commentators.

“By dropping Mayhem Scratch games into the middle of a bowling league championship, we were able to illustrate the allure of instant cash and create a little mayhem of our own,” said Cactus creative director Shea Tullos. “No bowlers were harmed during the filming of this commercial.”

Brendan Beachman directed via production company Content/s.


Client Colorado Lottery Agency Cactus, Denver, Colo. Norm Shearer, partner, chief creative officer; Brian Watson, VP, executive creative director; Shea Tullos, creative director; Will Patterson, sr. copywriter; Hailey Simon, sr. art director; Martha Douglas, sr. integrated producer. Production Company Content/s, Littleton, Colo. Brendan Beachman, director; Colin Arndt, DP; Leslie Allen, exec producer; Daniell Taff, line producer. Postproduction & Color 11 Dollar Bill, Boulder, Colo. Wayde Samuel, editor; Clark Jackson, colorist; Brittany Horwege, producer; Lisa Effres, exec producer. Audio Post Coupe Studios, Boulder, Colo. Greg McRae, sound engineer; Aaron Lasko, producer. Music Marmoset Music, Portland, Ore., licensing of “The Bowling Song” by Joe Montgomery

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