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The Best Work You May Never See: Christoffer Borggren Directs Mental Health PSA For Sweden's Mind Association


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Mar. 11, 2019


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Christoffer Borggren directed this student film which serves as a PSA for Mind (originally founded as the Swedish Association for Mental Health).

As part of his education at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Borggren, backed by a crew of mainly university students, wrote, directed, and exec produced this piece which bucks the norm of mental health advertising, especially in Sweden, where those who are ill are depicted as overtly sad and are the target group. In reality, many with mental health issues have become expert in hiding their struggles and pain in public.

Titled “Fragile,” this PSA portrays a person with mental illness by focusing on the fact that it is invisible. In this case, the disguise is his pursuit of boxing. Borggren reached out to Mind, sending the nonprofit organization a treatment which outlined his concept and vision for the project. Mind was receptive to the pitch. Borggren started doing interviews to learn more about the topic and with the help of Mind’s research came up with the finished concept. Borggren donated the PSA to Mind and it is gaining exposure worldwide. Mind continues its work to educate the public as well as politicians about how we together can reduce the number of suicides in society.


Client Mind Creative Christoffer Borggren, writer. Production Christoffer Borggren, director/writer/executive producer; Jakob Neuhauser, DP, executive producer; Saskia Eder, executive producer/producer; Nickolaus Seidlberger, production supervisor; Simone Kaltenbrunner, assistant director; Julie Ladina, 1st AC; Anna Hadaier, 2nd AC; Julia Wohlgemuth, set design. Postproduction Christoffer Borggren, Jakob Neuhauser, editors. Music Philipp Mair, Michael-Alexander Brandstetter. Sound Design Bernd Siebenhofer. Postproduction/Color CBBB.Berlin. Cast Dimitri Abold, Baumbauer actors; Andre James, voiceover.

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