The Best Work You May Never See: CNN Brazil Shows The Real Fake News In Polygraph Campaign From AlmapBBDO


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, May. 31, 2022


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AlmapBBDO created a campaign for CNN Brazil which deploys a polygraph to detect the real, so-called fake news. This first spot in the “Commitment to the truth” campaign centers on the war in Ukraine, set against statements in Russian by president Vladimir Putin such as: “We have no plans to invade Ukraine” and “We do not intend to impose anything on anyone by force.” As viewers hear these declarations, they see the arm of the polygraph skidding back and forth, the lines forming images of news coverage produced by CNN Brazil of Russian assaults on Ukraine. The video concludes: “Not one line beyond the facts.” 

Marco “Pernil” Giannelli, chief creative officer of AlmapBBDO, said, “The most talked-about topic in journalism today, by a long shot, is ‘fake news.’ And since every media outlet is addressing the issue, any campaign would have to take a fresh approach. That’s why I was such a fan of using a polygraph to depict real events and to show CNN Brazil’s commitment to the truth.” 


Client CNN Brazil Agency AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil Luiz Sanchez, Marco “Pernil” Giannelli, chief creative officers; Marcelo Nogueira, VP of creatives; Iron Brito, creative director; Rafael Gil, Rodrigo Almeida, creative directors/creatives; Francis Alan, Gustavo Tasseli, creatives. Illustration Estudio Black Madre, Studio Boreal Image Production The Youth Bueno, director; Yuri Maranhao, DP; Carol Cherobim, exec producer; Ulisses Sant’Anna, director of production; Debora Lemes (Derbiz), production coordination. Postproduction/VFX COLOSSAL Diogo Gameiro, post production supervisor; Pierre Lapalu, illustrations; Maria Luisa Machado, editor; Rodrigo Stradiotto, Janaina da Veiga, motion supervision; Arthur Naar, motion; Luciana Lima, post; Karlos Schirmer, Michel Takahashi, composition; Vinicius Lavor, Eduardo Lunkes, Bruno Cornelsen, 3D; Tarciso e Pena, polygraph; Diego  Cagnato, polygraph graphic design. Audio Raw Audio; Fernando Forni, Ricardo Pinda, Rogerinho Pereira, music production; Hilton Raw, music director; Enrico Maccio, Philip Braunstein, sound design & mix; Roberio Barbosa, coordinator.

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