The Best Work You May Never See: DAVID Madrid, JCDecaux Get Advertisers To Take The Subway Via Commute With Marina Prieto


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 6, 2024


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A few months ago, Madrid woke up with a question: Who is Marina Prieto? That’s what thousands of Spaniards asked when they came across photos of a 100-year-old lady in Madrid’s subway stations. A granny’s Instagram photos of her watering her plants, eating churros, or taking a nap filled hundreds of advertising spaces in Madrid overnight.
People started searching for her, following her, discussing her on social media, and even taking selfies with her pictures on the billboards. But nobody knew who this lady was and why she was here.

  • Was there a brand behind it?
  • Was it a gift from her family? 
  • Was she real?
  • Was it a strange 100th birthday celebration?

Well, it was all a campaign for JCDecaux Spain created by DAVID Madrid.
In recent times, investment in outdoor advertising in Spain had decreased significantly, something that JCDecaux wanted to change with a campaign showing that their media works.
And that’s where Marina Prieto comes in. A tender 100-year-old grandmother who shared her own content on social networks but only had 28 followers. If she could become famous thanks to OOH media, any brand could.
DAVID Madrid and JCDecaux placed all of her profile photos on the more than 300 outdoor media spaces in the metro that brands hadn’t bought. Then, people and the press started talking about Marina, following her (she grew +39,285% followers), interacting with her (+13,405% engagement) and even wanting to collaborate with her.
And when the buzz around Marina was at its highest, JCDecaux seized the opportunity to unveil their involvement in front of industry leaders at the Effies. Here they showed the power of subway ads, convincing brands to reinvest in the media again. This resulted in more than 180 brands such as Havaianas, Samsung and HBO Max investing in the subway advertising again, reaching all-time record bookings for JCDecaux.

This case study film delves into the “Meet Marina Prieto” campaign.


Client JCDecaux Spain Agency DAVID Madrid Pancho Cassis, global chief creative officer & partner; Saulo Rocha, chief creative officer; Jose Sancho, creative director; Curro Prieto, Giulia Ferrarezi, art directors; Clara Garcia, Jaime Ludena, copywriters; Alejandro Falduti, head of production; Santi Lardin, producer. Production Company FAR Media Amalia Cano, Fernando Garcia Patos, creative producers; Jose Luis Aguilar, camera & DP; Christian Migueliz, editor. Postproduction deSeif Films Federico Calderon, executive director; Manual Gavilan, head of postproduction; Miguel Mateos, postproduction manager. Audio Post The Lobby

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