The Best Work You May Never See: dentsuMB Taiwan Helps To Redefine Family With "In Love We Trust 2" For Sinyi Realty


Robert Goldrich
Friday, May. 13, 2022


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In Taiwan, traditional values dictate that couples should start a “family” shortly after marrying--putting pressure on those who may have different ideas of what constitutes family or may struggle to conceive a child. 

Taiwanese real-estate company, Sinyi Realty, in partnership with dentsuMB Taiwan, is continuing to challenge the traditional perception of family while putting home ownership at the center of social issues in Taiwan: 

Titled In Love We Trust 2, this film reinforces that love and trust, rather than size is the root of family.  The sequel backs up the success of last year’s “In Love We Trust” brand film (a Cannes Lions Grand Prix winner) about overcoming the fear of marriage. 

In Love We Trust 2 highlights the tension between generations when it comes to issues of having children--broaching the uncomfortable topic of fertility. 

The story tracks the progress of the couple from the first film, played by Chun-Yao Yao and Mei-Yue. They want to have children but find the process unexpectedly difficult, which strains their relationship. They come to know an elderly couple whose children have grown up and left home. In talking to the parents, they realize two people can still make up a family: What’s important is the love and trust that exists between them. 

Lo Ging-Zim directed In Love We Trust 2. Palace Production served as production company.


Client Sinyi Realty Agency dentsuMB Taiwan Alice Chou, chief creative officer; Ryan Liao, sr. creative director; Sunny Chen, Jacky Hsu, associate creative directors; Vera Fang, sr. art director; Suzanne Huang, sr. copywriter; Autumn Jen, digital associate director; Steven Gou, digital supervisor. Production Company Palace Production Lo Ging-Zim, director, Sean Hung, producer


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