The Best Work You May Never See: Director Ariel Costa, the community Lead One Icon To Another For Porsche


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022


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Titled “One Icon Leads to Another,” this commercial for Porsche Latin America out of agency the community celebrates 70 years since Porsche first raced on Mexican soil at the Carrera Panamericana. The film honors the achievements and history of that moment.

Tied to the release of the spot, Porsche also announced a unique model, the 911 Carrera Panamericana Special, which will be auctioned, and the proceeds will go to charity. The new model was built to commemorate the 356 S Cabriolet that participated in the Carrera Panamericana for the first time in 1952. The Carrera Panamericana was one of the most challenging races in the ‘50s. In 1952, Porsche took two Porsche 356’s to Mexico, a cabriolet, and a coupé, to compete. Despite all the hurdles, literal and figurative, Porsche finished the race (only half of those registered did so), marking a milestone in its history and in the brand’s relationship with the region. But there are very few records of this moment in history beyond a handful of photos and the memories of race mechanic Herbert Linge. “One Icon Leads to Another” recreates the story based on Linge’s recollections, illustrating the missing scenes by uniting each of the old photos with a collage-based animation technique. Handling direction and animation was Ariel Costa via production house Final Frontier.


Client Porsche Latin America Agency the community Joaquin Molla, chief creative officer, founder; Ricky Vior, SVP, executive creative director; Sebastian Ibarra, strategy director; Ezequiel Kordon, creative director; Rodrigo Gonzalez, Gabriel Da Silva, associate creative directors; Ramiro Capisto, head of production; Juan Manuel Sosa Vives, sr. production lead; Florencia Hernandez, production coordinator; Monica Godoy, digital content director; Euge Fornari, digital content manager; Dana Franco, Richi Gonzalez, copywriter Spanish; Tikal Musca, copywriter English; Leandro Fagnani, art director; Santiago Compte, editor; Manny Hernandez, Mariano Cardenuto, studio designers. Production Company Final Frontier Ariel Costa, direction & animation; Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski, executive production; Claus Cibilis, executive creative direction; Florencia Di Tomaso, head of production; Agustina Krol, creative coordination; Ariel Costa, Malena de Luca, art; Facundo Brunella, animation; Andres Canevari, 3D modeling. Music &  Sound Design Pararrayos Studio  Alain Gómez, Carlos Jorge García, Luis Daniel González, music; Valenta Landaez Espejo, audio coordination; Alain Gómez, Carlos Jorge García, Luis Daniel González, production; Antonio Romero, production & Sfx; Mariano Briceno, audio mix. Sound Design Porta Estudio Marcelo Galluzzo, sound designer. Voiceover Karsten Wolf, voiceover, English; Dieter Pape, voiceover, Spanish.

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