The Best Work You May Never See: Director Harry Patramanis Spoofs "Airplane" For Pitatakia


Robert Goldrich
Friday, May. 10, 2019


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Director Harry Patramanis directed this one minute spoof of the comedy movie classic Airplane, all to prove that Pitatakia is “the snack you can trust.”  Produced by Shampoo Films in Athens, Greece (U.S.-based Patramanis is repped by COMPANY Films in the American ad market), for Athens agency Cream, the commercial puts us on board a plane in emergency mode. With the fate of those on board hanging in the balance and the pilots out of commission, the crew turns to a single passenger to be their savior--a guy whose only qualification is that he’s munching on a bag of Pitatakia snack chips. 

Patramanis shared, “The agency came in with the main idea: ‘The snack you can trust’ and they had created three scripts around it. We only could produce one of them and all of us agreed that the “pilots” concept was the funniest and the strongest. Of course we had to convince the client that a plane falling would be funny and I think that the idea of making a parody convinced them. So we started adding elements of surreal comedy like the cake falling or the stewardess slamming the pilot.” 

Patramanis said of the piece, “I love that there are so many twists build in this short story and how unpredictable it remains till the very end.  I also like  anarchy of this kind of storytelling that combines great humor underscored with cinematic images.”

The spot is airing in Greece and parts of Europe.


Client Alfa/Pitatakia Agency Cream Athens Christos Koutsoukos, creative director; Ageliki Mpatheka, producer. Production Shampoo Films, Athens Harry Patramanis, director/DP (he is handled in U.S. by COMPANY Films); Eleni Asvesta, exec producer. Editorial Yiannis Chalkiadakis, editor. Music/SFX Musou music group. VFX Michalis Neromyliois, VFX artist. Postproduction Tony Ford, colorist.

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