The Best Work You May Never See: Director Matvey Fiks, Paris Agency Marystone Team On 1st Campaign For Les Georgettes Jewelry


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, May. 12, 2021


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For its first ad campaign, Les Georgettes, an Altese brand specializing in customizable jewelry for women, turned to Paris agency Marystone, yielding this film directed by Matvey Fiks via production house Birth. 

The piece is an invitation to join the ranks of the Georgettes, kicking off a rallying campaign for the jewelry brand which wants to encourage a natural sorority and to support women asserting themselves. Confetti raining, electro-swing music and tailor-made choreography punctuate this film which conveys the positive energy that brings together the Georgettes. Marystone has imagined a jubilant and lively film which is told to us backwards, featuring in their daily lives colorful women who make the city and life more joyful under the stimulating impulse of their favorite morning ritual: choosing the bracelet/jewelry that suits them! Les Georgettes enables each woman to create her own piece of jewelry which she can personalize with reversible leather bands.



Client Altese/Les Georgettes Agency Marystone, Paris Pierrette Diaz, creative director; Valerie Judek, TV producer; Marjory Law, brand manager. Production Company Birth Matvey Fiks, director; Hugo Legrand Nathan, producer & CEO; Iman Delimi, head of production; Pauline Legrand, production assistant; Michael Altskan, head operator; Simon Donnellion, choreographer; Teodora Duparinova, casting director; Gergana Batanova, makeup; Bilyanna Borisova, hair; Sergei Yordanov, stylist; Sabina Hristova, stage designer; Morgan Mirza, post producer.

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