The Best Work You May Never See: Director Michael Marantz Shares "Rouba's Manifesto"


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jun. 20, 2019


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In this short film commissioned by Vital Voices, director Michael Marantz, a 2015 SHOOT New Directors Showcase alum, introduces us to "Rouba’s Manifesto," the mantra of Dr. Rouba Mhaissen whose group SAWA for Development and Aid has helped hundreds of thousands of refugees. Since 2011 some 2 million Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon. Even though it’s easy to feel dismayed and disheartened by the depth and scale of the refugee crisis, Dr. Mhaissen’s message is that people who self-sacrifice and do good for others, even complete strangers, can make a world of positive difference.

Director Marantz noted that his cast and crew brought something incredibly special to this project, as many are refugees themselves, living within the camps in the Bekaa Valley. Their hard work and dedication on set made this film, and our experience in Lebanon feel even more important.


Client Vital Voices Production Company Already Alive Michael Marantz, director/composer; Tim Sessler, DP; Zach MacDonald, producer; Omar AlAbass, assistant director; Marwa Babkas, production fixer; Josef Kfoury, 1st AC; Ghattas Amatouri, 2nd AC; Dany Challita, gaffer; Joseph Chahine, best boy; Oum Fawzi, prop/set design; Abu Fawzi, driver; Abu Feras, picture car; Mahmoud Hammoud, Abdel Hady, PAs. Production Support, Beirut OliveTree Productions Rolly Dib  Cast Asmaa Bakov, girl; Firas Al Kwider, male; Taleb Albazazi, teacher; Sabrien Madleg, mother with baby; Adnan Al Adlan, boy; Amal Albazazi, Ahmed Albazazi, adults; Salama Alazawi, doctor; Nahla Salloum, woman.

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