The Best Work You May Never See: Directors Jonny & Will Bring Cannabis Gummy Bears To Chaotic Life For Drug Free Kids Canada


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Feb. 17, 2020


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Edible cannabis gummies are mischievous beings. They’ll catch you off guard and make you do silly things. Well, that’s exactly what they’re doing in this public service film for Drug Free Kids Canada, designed to raise awareness of the fact that a high from cannabis edibles can yield delayed and unpredictable behavior--and that youngsters need to understand the risks.

Directing duo and puppeteering masters Jonny & Will of the Blinkink studio brought the gummy bears to life as we see them cause destruction in a house. A Laptop computer is ruined, a shoe is sabotaged, a dress is shredded, an urn containing doggie remains is pushed off a mantle and broken into pieces, and lit candles are doused by urine.

The spot was produced by Blinkink through dreamboat for Toronto ad agency Bleu Blanc Rouge.


Client Drug Free Kids Canada Agency Bleu Blanc Rouge, Toronto Brenda Surminski, producer. Production Blinkink Jonny & Will, directors; Leah Draws, producer.

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