The Best Work You May Never See: Editor Peter Mostert Creates Short Inspired By Kitty O'Meara Poem "In the Time of Pandemic"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2020


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Hooligan editor Peter Mostert has debuted a short film inspired by Kitty O’Meara’s recent viral poem, “In the Time of Pandemic.” The film is a visual homage to the poem’s silver lining--that the earth and its people can heal and rejuvenate from this shared experience. 

“I was isolated at home in this dark haze of uncertainty, and along comes this viral poem by Kitty O’Meara,” said Mostert. “The images conjured in her words resonated with me so much that I was inspired to make this little film.” 

Mostert composed the film exclusively with shots sourced and licensed by Getty Images. The visual sequence follows a heartfelt reading of “In the Time of Pandemic.” 

“Focusing on the poem’s inspirational words, I selected footage of relatable human moments that are reflective of our new reality: social distancing and lockdown,” Mostert said,” while steering clear of predictable and depressing shots like empty streets.” 

Everyone involved generously donated their time, talent, and resources to complete this project--all in about 10 days. Mostert tapped longtime collaborator and voice actor Ric Kallaher for the poem reading, Asche & Spencer for the music, and Casey Chester of Listen Jane for the mix and sound design. 

“What started as a personal art project during these crazy times grew into a collaborative effort,” concluded Mostert. “Ric brought the right tone and sensitivity to the VO; Asche & Spencer provided a melancholic yet uplifting track that underscores the piece beautifully; Casey added soft and airy sounds that reinforce the emotion of the piece sonically; and thankfully, Kitty gave me her blessing to use the poem. Hopefully, this film does justice to her inspiring words.”


Creative/Editorial Peter Mostert, creator/editor; Kitty O’Meara, author of “In the Time of Pandemic” Music Asche & Spencer Mix & Sound Listen Jane Casey Chester, mix & sound Voiceover Ric Kallaher Stock Footage Getty Images

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