The Best Work You May Never See: Frederic Planchon Directs Love Story For Renault UK, Publicis•Poke


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019


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Celebrating 30 years in the making for the brand new Renault Clio, this U.K. spot--directed by Frederic Planchon of Academy Films for London agency Publicis•Poke--shows us how the car model has evolved over the years. But that’s just the backdrop as more front and center is how a loving relationship develops over that same time span. Two girls meet in a foreign exchange program, become friends and much more over the years--a journey that has its joys, trials and tribulations.

Adam Wood, marketing director at Renault UK, said: “Renault brings people’s passion for life a little closer through our cars. We wanted to humanize and celebrate, not just thirty years of progress of the Renault Clio, but also the progress made within culture, society and life in that time. The Renault Clio is as in tune with the times today as it always has been.”

Dave Monk, executive creative director at Publicis•Poke, said: “Britain has had a love affair with the Renault Clio since the ‘90s halcyon days of Papa & Nicole and wind up windows. Many things have changed in those thirty years. While technology, design, attitudes and culture will always shift and change, one thing will always stay the same as long as humans have hearts. The love story. This is a simple and universal tale of two souls on their own enduring journey of life, love and passion.”


Client Renault UK Agency Publicis•Poke Dave Monk, executive creative director; Colin Byrne, group creative director; Rob Butcher, Tom Genower, creative directors; Miranda Ross, Calvin Lyon, strategists; Colin Hickson, head of film production; Joss Haynes, assistant producer. Production Academy Films Frederic Planchon, director; Stephane Fontaine, DP; Dulcie Kellett, Simon Cooper, producers. Editorial Assembly Rooms Sam Rice-Edwards, editor. Postproduction MPC Jean-Clement Soret, colorist; Timo Huber, VFX. Audio Post Wave Studios Parv Thind, mixer. Music Soundtree, London Luis Almau, composer; Jay James, producer. Sound Design Wave Studios, London Parv Thind, sound designer

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