The Best Work You May Never See: IGA, Sid Lee and Tonic DNA Prepare "Meatloaf" For The Holidays


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Nov. 21, 2022


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For the fifth year, IGA, a group of independent grocers in Canada, has joined forces with the creative agency, Sid Lee, to launch a holiday tale for all families. Named “The Meatloaf,” this year’s short film, encourages cherishing our familial culinary traditions and the memorable moments created by sharing them around the table. It’s a surprising and touching story that highlights the special place every one of us occupies in our own families.

In this tale, we meet a beloved aunt who year after year makes her special meatloaf for the holidays. While the aunt is adored, so not much so her meatloaf--which they all pretend to love, nonetheless.

“Beyond bringing fun and laughter to the heart of households, we wanted to pay tribute to everything that unites families during the holidays: love, tradition and food,” said Francis Lévesque, artistic director at Sid Lee.

This year’s tale is the result of an annual contest open to all Sid Lee artisans, from all departments, to find the best possible story. It is a tale that took over nine months to complete with the 3D animation studio Tonic DNA, and Circonflex for the soundtrack.

“The Meatloaf” will be shown on TV in Canada through Dec. 23 while also being available in French and English online, on social media, and on the IGA website and social networks.


Client IGA Agency Sid Lee Alex Bernier, creative director; Quentin Fachon, Francis Levesque, creative team; Étienne Roy-Martel, David Lambert, Krissi Campbell, Jonathan Lavoie, David Allard, Julie Desrochers, Etienne Théberge, Patricio Bouey, creative collaboration; Joannie Tellier, Elisa Hernandez Riveiro, Carolyne Goyette, production; Edouard N’Diaye, Marc-André Dubois, strategy. 3D Production Tonic DNA Joe Bluhm, director; Fabien Fulchiron, 3D supervisor, assistant director; Stefanie Bitton, exec producer; Catherine Gaucher, Frédérique Parenteau, producers; Stefen Lamontagne, Ana Fino, Elisa Cura, production coordinators; Jay Caplan, creative strategist; Marc-André Bourhoin, lead compositing; Jean-Marc Laurin, KAOS KELLEKTIV, sr. artists. Audio & Music Circonflex  Olivier Girard, Paul-Étienne Côté, music; Pierre-Hugues Rondeau, sound design; Dominic Cabana, mixer.

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