The Best Work You May Never See: Jai Moseley Directs Poetic Film For Google South Africa


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022


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Jai Moseley (who’s repped by production house division7) directs this latest work for Google for South Africa, a beautifully intimate film with poetic, stylistic flourishes on love and connection. Shot in Cape Town and produced by Gatehouse Commercials, the film strings together a series of heartwarming vignettes to highlight the beauty in the ordinary.  

Moseley shared, “We had five days to prep and conceptualize Google. In circumstances like this, where you really want to get it right but the cards just feel so stacked — it almost creates a really deep therapeutic experience of sorts. It’s one of those rare moments, where you don’t have time to listen to the default inner narrative almost all of us have. The ingrained judgment side of us that we use as a block against ourselves and others. Instead you have to be open hearted and listen to your intuition as a filmmaker, and to the intuition of the filmmakers you are collaborating with.  I don’t know what it is. I’m not necessarily someone with beliefs. But I do know if you do this, and create from a pure place, it always works out. You find incredible locations through street casts, cast through locations, so many ideas and relatable and unique details and truths you could never make up on paper. You find inspiration in that chance half a second you looked out the window and just happened to see the light gracing a passerby’s face at the perfect moment. I really hope this comes across in what we made. This is what I learned making this. The answers came from everyone involved and it was a real pleasure dreaming this up on the go with them.”


Client Google for South Africa Agency Google,  Matt Barwell, Bakery Diarrassouba, Donica Ida, Ari Melenciano, creative team; Lydia Holmes, executive producer. Production Gatehouse Commercials Jai Moseley, director (division7); Deon van Zyl, DP; Michael Linders, production designer; Laila Shrand, producer; Melissa Volpe, production manager; Ansaar Baderoen, unit manager; Mihlali Mali, location liaison. Editorial Exile Travis Moore, editor. Casting Amin Arnold Gray Cast Siphokazi Masiza, Mrs Fassie, Khayone Fassie, Shaqeel Tofar, Yaseen Valentine, Taariq Fisher, Ebrahim Rahim, Yonsa Bakana, Rafla Davids, Theo Sebego, Dene Vissier; Tatum Daniels, voiceover talent. Color Color Collective Mike Howell, colorist. Sound Design/Mix One Thousand Birds Alex Berner-Coe, sound designer/mixer; Theuns van Dyk, sound recordist.

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