The Best Work You May Never See: LALCEC and Grey Argentina Deploy Finger Puppets To Fight Prostate Cancer


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, May. 5, 2022


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The Argentine League for the Fight Against Cancer (LALCEC, Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cancer) teamed with Grey Argentina to raise awareness about the importance of annual urological check-ups for the early detection of prostate cancer. Recruited for the campaign were finger puppets who in this anthem spot deliver a serious message--in a fun, comedic, musical manner via the song “Don’t Fear The Finger.”

In a joint statement, Alejandro Devoto and Hernán Kritzer, CCOs of Grey Argentina, shared: “For years, for many men the rectal examination continues to be a taboo subject surrounded by fears. We sincerely felt that it was possible to address this issue from a different angle, and instead of talking about the risks or consequences of avoiding the check-up, we preferred a closer, funnier approach that took the dramatism away. That is why we chose the finger puppets as messengers; those friendly characters that must live the whole time with a finger back there.” 

Cristina Espil, president of LALCEC, added, “For men, turning 50 should be the first sign of prostate cancer. With this video we want to demystify the fears of the examination and tell men that visiting the urologist once a year can save their lives.”
Fran Colombatti of directing team 1985 helmed the “Don’t Fear The Finger” spot via production company Landia.

The piece opens what will be a series of LALCEC outreach efforts leading up to World Day of Prostate Cancer on June 11.


Client LALCEC (Argentine League for the Fight Against Cancer) Agency Grey Argentina Diego Medvedocky, president & chief creative officer, Grey Latam; Hernan Kritzer, Alejandro Devoto, chief creative officers; Gonzalo “Montana” Fernandez, Juan Ure, executive creative directors; Diego Urbano, head of art; Emilio Yacon, Gustavo Gitmanabitch, creative collaboration; Romina Perrone, Ana Etcheto, heads of strategy; Pablo Molina, head of production; Maximiliano Ibarra, producer. Production Company Landia  1985, Fran Colombatti; Adrian D’amario, Diego Dutil, exec producers; Melina Nicocia, producer; Manu Bullrich, DP; Roco Corbould, art director. Set Design Estudio Los chinos Paula Bianco, puppet production; Leti Chappa, costumes. Postproduction Camila Garrido, postproduction coordinator. Audio Post Portaestudio Music Papamusic Color Ale Lascano

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