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The Best Work You May Never See: LOBO Parks "Chocolate World" Campaign In "Garage" For Lacta, W+K Brazil


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018


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International creative studio LOBO crafts sugar-coated environs in this “Chocolate World” campaign for confectionery company Mondelez’s Lacta 5Star, out of Wieden + Kennedy Brazil. 

Among the package of spots is “Garage” in which a magnet wreaks havoc, attracting varied forms of trouble to great comedic effect.

This darkly comic piece ends as do all the spots--with carmel-laden tragedy as the camera ultimately reveals that all of the activity actually takes place inside a Lacta 5Star chocolate bar.


Client Mondelez/Lacta 5Star Agency Wieden+Kennedy, Sao Paulo, Brazil Renato Simões, Eduardo Lima, executive creative directors; Bruno Oppido, head of art; Rafael Melo, copywriter; Jose Ferraz, Felipe Paiva, art directors; Regiana Pettinelli, Rafael Messias, TV producers. Animation LOBO, Sao Paulo, Brazil & New York Mateus de Paula Santos, Nando Cohen, directors; Mauricio Lobel, CG director; Cintia Miura, 3D post producer; Marcos Felix Llussá, Wilson F N Panassi, Tony Soares, Chan Tong, storyboards & animatic; Marcos Felix Llussá, Wilson F N Panassi, Marcelo Souto, Fernanda Oliver, Alexandre Eschenbach, Márcio Guerra, concepts; Bruno Saber, Lucas Lira, Guto Sposito, Marcos Smirkoff, Leonardo Rezende, Felipe Bassi, Duda Rodrigues, Natan Zuanaci, modeling; Bruno Saber, Lucas Lira, Natan Zuanaci, Marinho Silva, textures; Flávio Castello, Alexandre Cabral, Felipe Gimenes, rigging; Stephanie Kajimoto, Daniel “Bahia” Figueirêdo, Victor Dinis, Raphael Vinicius Silva, Jorge Zagatto, Daniel Alvite, 3D animation; Lucas Stringhetti, Gabriel Tavolaro, Christye Lira, simulation; Marinho Silva, George Damiani, render;  Maurício Löbel, composition; Letícia Blanco, color correction; Felipe Silva, Estevão Santos, Dênis Milani Adriano, 2D animation; Herbert Gondo Tachibana, editor; Priscila Conde, producer; Clara Morelli, Michelle Vinotti, Helena Jardim, post producers. (Toolbox: Maya, Houdini, ZBrush, Nuke, Substance Painter)

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