The Best Work You May Never See: MACMA, DAVID Buenos Aires Team On "Machine-Generated" PSA


Robert Goldrich
Monday, May. 13, 2024


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MACMA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and supporting women and raising awareness of breast cancer, again teamed with ad agency DAVID Buenos Aires--this time to show the true power behind machine-generated life.

In this centerpiece spot--directed by Dana Campanello via Poster Films--for the “Machine-Generated” campaign, we see varied creations that have made by machine--in this case the mammogram technology which detects breast cancer at an early stage, enabling women to live longer and turn out all kinds of wondrous creations in the arts and life.

In a joint statement, DAVID Buenos Aires chief creative officers Nicolas Vara and Ignacio Flotta shared, “Together with MACMA, we always seek to create high-impact campaigns to try to escape the commonplaces of the category. This time, we wanted to take advantage of the fascination towards the potential that machines have to generate wonderful things to remind the world of the existence of a not-so-new machine but one that generates hope for millions of women around the world: the mammogram.”

“Machine-Generated” is the agency’s latest campaign for the Argentine nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and supporting women and raising awareness of breast cancer.

Within the framework of International Health Day, “Machine-Generated” adds to the successful history of collaborations between DAVID Buenos Aires and MACMA, which includes memorable campaigns such as “Manboobs” and “The Art of Self-Examination.”


Client MACMA Agency DAVID Buenos Aires Pancho Cassis, partner & global chief creative officer; Sylvia Panico, global chief operating officer; Nicolas Vara, Ignacio Flotta, chief creative officers; Jimena Oliva, head of production. Production Poster Films Dana Campanello, director; Mariano Echarri, managing director; Georgina Orellana, exec producer; Tobias Salaar, producer; Loli Montes, assistant director; Sofia Lizzoli, DP; Lucia Lamboley, director postproduction. Music PAPAMUSIC 

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