The Best Work You May Never See: Marcus Thomas, Hello Make Obit Obsolete In Pro Bono Spot Promoting Organ Donation


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Jul. 29, 2021


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Agencies Marcus Thomas and Hello have launched a pro bono campaign for Lifebanc, a nonprofit organ and tissue recovery organization marking its 35th anniversary. The TV spots take a serious, emotional tone as they follow people whose lives were saved due to organ donations. Each person reads his or her would-be obituary. Reports of their demise were inaccurate thanks to the generosity of organ donors.

Titled “Jacques,” this spot introduces us to a man whose life was saved by a liver transplant. He indeed lived to read his premature obituary.

Paul Sobota served as director/DP via production house TRG Multimedia.


Client Lifebanc Agency Marcus Thomas, Hello Jim Sollisch, creative director/writer; Michelle Venorsky, writer; Laura Seidel, art director; Jerrod McMillin, producer. Production/Editorial TRG Multimedia Paul Sobota, director/DP; Lexi Verbos, production director; Madison Hunkus, producer; Andy Bindernagel, postproduction director; Jon Nix, video editor; Tim Key, video editor/colorist.

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