The Best Work You May Never See: Michael Marantz Directs "A Sister's Hope"


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019


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Director Michael Marantz’s newest film, A Sister’s Hope, introduces us to Jamira Burley, an individual who has turned adversity into inspiration and positive community change. Equally heartbreaking as it is hopeful, her story weaves a narrative of loss, belief, dedication and action. 

Marantz, a SHOOT New Directors Showcase alum (2015), also served as executive producer, composer and editor on A Sister’s Hope which entailed his working in collaboration with Vital Voices and its honoree Burley.

Marantz teamed with DP Tim Sessler on the short which blends the arts of documentary and narrative filmmaking.


Production Michael Marantz, director, executive producer; Tim Sessler, DP; Noah Meisner, Tay McEvers, producers; Noah Meisner, executive producer; Carlee Briglia, production manager; Anthony Strong, 1st assistant director; Billy Gerard Frank, production designer; Lenore Romas, art director; Juie Mollo, stylist; Rashida Bolden, hair & makeup. Music Michael Marantz, composer; Daniel Boventer, co-composer. Postproduction Michael Marantz, editor; Zach Tidmore, Ellie Forman, DITs. Color Studio RCO Seth Ricart, color; Sheina Dao, color producer. Sound Mix Brandon Hickey. Audio Bill Hennessy, Jon Moore. Cast Andre Jatty Robinson, Jacob Qaasim Middleton, Littles Francis Manch, Jamial Solomon Ruff, Elizabeth Moody, Waheedah Shaheed, AU Hogan, Huston Pigford, Lamique Joseph, Mo’Quis Lawrence, Gregory Thomas, Toni Seawright

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