The Best Work You May Never See: Northwell Health, Strawberry Frog, Director MAPP Address The "Tiger" In The Room With Anti-Gun Violence Spot


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Oct. 7, 2022


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Northwell Health has launched an awareness campaign focusing on gun violence prevention. Agency StrawberryFrog developed this TV spot titled “Ferocious Tiger” for the campaign which will be shown in New York. The :30 was directed by MAPP of Fancy Content.

The integrated communications platform centers upon a simple idea: guns are now the leading cause of death for kids, and asking about unlocked guns in the home could help save lives. Northwell understands that asking may be difficult or awkward, but breaking the taboo of talking about access to unlocked guns is the first step of gun safety. Northwell believes it’s time to carve out a healthcare lane for this issue, because it truly doesn’t kill to ask.

Northwell set out to fuel action by speaking to consumers in a new way that doesn’t skew political, preachy or judgmental. Thousands of hospitals, health systems, and hospital associations have joined this movement encouraging families to do one simple thing: ask about gun access and safety measures. The key goal is to reduce risk, putting the danger of unlocked guns front and center, while stressing the importance of asking friends, family, and neighbors about gun access.

In addition to the 30-second TV spot, Northwell’s gun violence prevention campaign includes integrated content such as OOH, radio, digital display, and social media. 

“You won’t forget this. The challenge is massive. Most people think gun violence involves the typical 18 year old shooter, when in fact many times it’s children in the home finding unlocked guns,” said Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog. “We needed a creative approach that let millions of American parents ask other parents whether they lock up their guns. That’s not an easy conversation to have. Our partnership with Northwell led to this bold campaign with a completely new POV on gun access and safety.”


Client Northwell Health Agency StrawberryFrog Scott Goodson, founder, CEO; Tyler Deangelo, chief creative officer; James Rogala, group creative director; Amy Nicholson, Mandy Hoveyda, creative directors; Brooks Hess, Courtney Harris, associate creative directors; Linda Rafoss, producer; Ali Demos, group strategy director. Production Fancy Content: MAPP, director; Robert Wherry, EP; Serge Juric, head of production. Editorial Mike Rizzo, editor; Gina Pagano, exec producer.

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