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The Best Work You May Never See: Perlorian Brothers, FCB Canada Give "Big Lift" To Glad Trash Bags


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Jan. 7, 2019


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The Perlorian Brothers directed this piece of zany humor via production house Soft Citizen, Toronto, for Glad trash bags out of FCB Canada. (The Perlorians are handled by MJZ in the U.S.)

In the spot, which is titled “Big Lift,” a man steps out of his house on his way to work only to encounter his offbeat garbage man who demonstrates his strength--and that of Glad bags--in a most memorable, albeit strange testimonial workout.

The trash man isn’t just taking the bags and throwing them in the truck. Instead, he’s got one in each hand, and is heaving them above his head. As the confused homeowner then slowly retreats back inside his house and watches from behind a curtain, the garbage man continues performing “feats of strength,” like arm curls, with the bags. The spot concludes with the garbage man proudly lying on the ground and embracing the Glad bag, accompanied by the tagline “Guaranteed Strong.”


Client Clorox Canada (Glad Canada) Agency FCB Toronto Jeff Hilts, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna, chief creative officers; Matt Antonello, group creative director, copywriter; Noel Fenn, group creative director, art director; Christine Michalejko, producer; Shelley Brown, chief strategy officer; Shelagh Hartford, sr. strategist. FCB Montreal Joel Letarte, copywriter; Anick Rozon, broadcast producer. Production Soft Citizen, Toronto The Perlorian Brothers, directors. Editorial School Editing Jon Devries, editor. Color Alter Ego Clinton Homuth, colorist. Postproduction Fort York Marco Polsinelli, Flame artist. Audio Vapor RMW

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