The Best Work You May Never See: Pilsen Extra, Grey Argentina Groom Upper Lip With A Smile To Save Beer


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Apr. 28, 2022


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With tongue firmly in cheek, Grey Argentina is tackling an issue on behalf of Pilsen Extra, an AB InBev beer. The issue has to do with millions of liters of beer wasted each year--trapped on facial hair around the world. 

To remedy the problem, Pilsen Extra and Grey have launched a new face hairstyle which leaves clear a very specific area of the upper lip where beer drops tend to accumulate.

The “Save The Beer” campaign kicked off with well-known anchor and TV presenter Rubén Rodriguez appearing on air with his nation-famous mustache strangely trimmed, raising all kinds of comments and rumors that ended up on the front page of national newspapers. A couple of days later, the country finally discovered the truth about Rodriguez´s special style and his personal commitment to the against-beer waste crusade held by Pilsen Extra. At this point, all were invited to join the cause and go to the coolest barbershops in town to get the Pilsen Mustache for free. Furthermore, they could head to any of the pubs in town with their newly styled mustache to ask for their complimentary Pilsen Extra to be enjoyed without wasting any drop. 

In a joint statement, Grey Argentina CCOs Hernan Kritzer and Alejandro Devoto shared, “When we realized that millions of liters of beer were wasted each year in the world, we were shocked and felt that we needed to do something to raise awareness and 'Save the Beer.' Neither at the G7, the UN, nor at the G20 is this topic being discussed. It was time for someone to do something, and we thank Pilsen for this.” 

Juanma Montero and Matias Sasias directed this “Mustache” spot via production company Guarani Films.


Client Pilsen Paraguay (Cervepar – AB Inbev) Agency Grey Argentina Hernan Kritzer, Alejandro Devoto, chief creative officers; Gonzalo “Montana” Fernandez, Juan Ure, executive creative directors; Emiliano Cortez, Alejandro Rattenbach, creative directors; Diego Urbano, head of art; Victor Opazo, Leandro Mingrone, art directors; Agustin Rodriguez, Juan Carnelos, copywriters; Romina Perrone, head of strategy; Pablo Molina, head of production; Maximiliano Ibarra, producer. Production Company Guarani Films Juanma Montero, Matias Sasias, directors; Jose Luis Cabruja, international exec producer; Lara Pombo, exec producer; Noelia Romero, head of production; Diego De Garay, Nicolas Nagy, DPs; Liza Rubiani, art director. Postproduction Maxi Daenz, post; Gustavo Vera, post coordinator. Audio Post Suena Polenta by Fede Amaya and Matias Berdiales. Music Suena Polenta by Fede Amaya and Matias Berdiales. Color Lutbox Post Ken Cabello, colorist.

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