The Best Work You May Never See: Pulse Directing Duo thirtytwo Brings Head-Banging “Mercedes Marxist” Video To Life For Idles Band


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Aug. 5, 2019


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Via Pulse Films in London, directorial duo thirtytwo--consisting of Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace--brought this head-banging music video to life for the much buzzed about band Idles and its single, “Mercedes Marxist.”  


Client Idles/Partisan Records Production Pulse Films thirtytwo (Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern), directors; Ben Fordesman, DP; Erin Sayder, producer; Maurizio Von Trapp, James Sorton, exec producers; Tim Gibson, production designer; Millie Wells, production manager; Adam Howe, costume designer; Chris Malin, 1st AD; Scarlett O’Connell, hair & makeup/SFX. Casting Kharmel Cochrane, casting director. Editorial TenThree Ellie Johnson, editor; Julian Marshall, edit producer; Amanda Jenkins, edit assistant. Postproduction Time Based Arts Jamie Crofts, Nina Mosand, Adam Paterson, Flame artists; Linda Cieniawska, Nuke artist; Sean Ewins, post house producer; Tom Johnson, post house exec producer.  Color Simone Grattarola, colorist. Stunts Dave Nolan, stunt coordinator. Sound Design Factory Anthony Moore, sound designer; Lou Allen, sound design exec producer.

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