The Best Work You May Never See: Rosapark Promotes Train Travel To Brussels By Spotlighting Its Real "Monuments"


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Sep. 19, 2018


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A new campaign from Paris ad agency Rosapark for train company Thalys, which connects cities in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, looks to drum up interest in and visitors to the latter country.

While visitors flock to the first three countries, they’re not quite as keen on taking a trip to Belgium. Thalys and Rosapark want to change that by celebrating the capital city’s people. This anthem spot, “Bruxelles by Thalys,” does just that with a poetic presentation of Brussels and its monuments--namely its residents like Rudy, the antiques dealer, Fernand, who’s watched the city evolve over the decades, an Alex, a fixture in the urban nightlife.

Narrated by Belgian singer Angele, the film closes with her declaration, “In Brussels, the real monuments are its people.”

Julian Nodolwsky directed the spot via production house Sovage.


Client Thalys Agency Rosapark Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco, creative directors; Nicolas Gadesaude, copywriter; Julien Suarin, art director; Thomas Laurent, producer. Production Sovage Julian Nodolwsky, director; Willy Morrence, producer; Lorette Delva, production director; Nicolas de St Quentin, chief operator. Postproduction Firm Sound Production Studio THINKNTALK Koen Baeyens, Arthur Deligne, sound producers and voice directors; Philippe Ledent, Greg Scheirlinckx, sound engineers.

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