The Best Work You May Never See: Stop Homophobie, Pantone, TBWA\Paris Unfurl "Colors of Love" So The LGBT Rainbow Flag Can Continue To Wave 


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022


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Soccer and team sports in general are supposed to be a place for tolerance, teamwork and coming together. But a few months ago Qatar, the country hosting the World Cup event, banned LGBT flags from its soil. This prevented millions of people from wearing the colors of freedom and love. 

In response to this, Stop Homophobia--an association that fights against homosexual discrimination--and Pantone, a supplier of professional color languages and digital solutions, but above all a brand that is committed to defending the LGBT cause, launched “Colors of Love,” a version of the rainbow flag whose colors have been replaced by their Pantone codes.

This allows LGBT people to wave the flag with pride, without the authorities being able to detect it. Flags and shirts displaying the Pantone codes have been made in order to give all those who wish to do so the means to show their pride and/or push back against this repressive law. This case study video from agency TBWA\Paris outlines the campaign.


Client Stop Homophobie, Pantone Agency TBWA\Paris Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie, executive creative directors; Nicolas Roncerel, copywriter; Paul Reyrolle, artistic director; Nicolas Duval, director, graphic supervisor; Eleonore Berthier-Milot, audience planning director; Sidney Bourgalle, digital production; Guillaume Rancurel, technical director. Production \Else Maxime Bioron, CEO; Paul Couturier, producer; Younes Chekouh, head of 3D. Sound Production \Else Fanny Mithois, music producer; Matthieu Seignez, sound engineer.

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