The Best Work You May Never See: The&Partnership Fashions A Stylish Argos Furniture Spot Directed By Traktor


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Apr. 5, 2019


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Directed by Traktor via Stink Films, this commercial for Argos from agency The&Partnership London captures moments where everyday life is ambushed by striking individuals donned in spectacular outfits that are surprisingly made out of cushions, rugs, lampshades, chairs, plates and even deck chairs. They stride down hallways, explode out of wardrobes and cause chaos in perfectly manicured gardens, underscoring that retailer Argos spring/summer home and furniture collection is “so stylish you can wear it.”

Yan Elliott, joint ECD with Micky Tudor at The&Partnership London ,said “People don’t know just how stylish Argos homewares are... They will now! By tapping into the fashion world we hope this campaign will turn heads like a model standing in your living room, with a lampshade on her head.”

Argos “So Stylish You Can Wear It” debuted this week in the UK on ITV during the commercial break of the new crime thriller, The Bay.


Client Argos Agency The&Partnership London Sarah Golding, CEO; Yan Elliott, Micky Tudor, executive creative directors; Danny Hunt, creative director; Alice Burton, Carl Storey, creatives; Andy Roberts, executive producer; Hannah Greene, producer. Production Stink Films Traktor (Patrik von Krusenstjerna), director; Nick Landon, producer; Franz Lustig, DP; Nick Foley Oates, production designer; Verity Hawkes, costume designer. Editorial Final Cut Ed Cheeseman, editor. Audio Post Grand Central Munzie Thind, sound engineer. VFX/Postproduction MPC Phil Whalley, producer; Bevis Jones, VFX supervisor; Jean-Clement Soret, colorist

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