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The Best Work You May Never See: Wawa's "Crank"


Robert Goldrich


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For convenience store giant Wawa and agency The Richards Group, Blacklist’s Golden Wolf directed this animation spot celebrating Wawa’s Hoagiefest Summer of Love with a psychedelic summer festival vibe.

The animation is a mix of traditional and 3D techniques.


Client Wawa Agency The Richards Group Judy Wright, creative director; Chelle McDonald, producer; Kristen Scialo, art director; Tara Kirk, copywriter. Production Blacklist, NY Golden Wolf, director; Andrew Linsk, exec producer; Alexander Unick, producer; Ingi Erlingston, creative director; Ewen Stenhouse, art director/design/animation; Ant Baena, producer; Marie Ecarlat, Bali Engle, Phillip “Biff Smith,” design; Jonathan Harris, animation lead; Tim Whiting, Carlos De Faria, Sean Weston, Daniela Negrin, Iria Lopez, Blanca Martinez de Rituerto, Frankie Swan, Thomas Knowler, Hannah Lau-Walker, Olly Montagu, animation; Stefan Falconer, Pablo Lozano, Mattias Breitholtz, Ross McDowell, compositing. Music Parry Gripp

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