The Best Work You May Never See: Where There's A Will, There's A Way; TBWA\Paris, Entourage Create 1st Homeless Person in the Metaverse


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Apr. 4, 2022


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The Entourage association and its agency TBWA\Paris have created Will, the First Homeless Person in the Metaverse. Imagined and co-built with Entourage’s Street Committee7, Will comes as close as possible to a fair and non-cartoonish representation of a homeless person or a person in great precariousness. 

While living in the metaverse, Will issues a real-world challenge in this TV spot. Instead of investing in the metaverse, virtual land and virtual reality, it would be prudent, decent and far more productive, points out Will, to invest in solutions--social media and otherwise--to help address homelessness, to assist people on the precipice and as a result better our society. 

Through this campaign and the creation of this new kind of spokesperson, Entourage positions itself as “The social network that really is social.” The association puts technology at the service of human relationships with an application that aims to reconnect people and whose technology is used for the benefit of human encounters, ranging from a simple exchange to common and shared activities in the form of convivial events.


Client  Entourage Jean Marc Potdevin, Lucie De Clerck, Zoé Boissel, Mathilde Borgias, client directors/managers; Agency TBWA\Paris Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie, executive creative directors; Morgane Alexandre, Sebastien Skrzypczak, art directors; Lea Rivoire, strategy; Emmanuel Sabbagh, chief planning officer. Postproduction \Else Younes Chekouh, head of 3D; Severine Damolini, head of postproduction; Olivier Lefebvre, head of music and sound; Ambroise Cabry, sound director; Thomas Jacquet, music art director.

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