The Best Work You May Never See: Writer-Director Johan Kramer Pays Tribute To The Happy Reader 


Robert Goldrich
Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023


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Carl Sagan once said that “to read is to voyage through time.” In this short, a man starts an exciting trip after reading something interesting in The Happy Reader.

The Happy Reader is a bookish magazine for avid readers, a collaboration between Penguin Classics and Fantastic Man. 

The film was written and directed by Johan Kramer, shot on 35mm film by DP Katja van den Broeke and choreographed by Nicola Balhuizen Hepp of The Movers. Production companies were Holy Fools Amsterdam and Chelsea, London and NYC.

Dutch director Kramer shared, “It’s one of my favorite things in life and a desperately needed escape: having a coffee on my own in a lively place with something nice to read. Since the launch of this amazing magazine, I’ve been a fanatic happy reader of The Happy Reader and I consider this film as a nice tribute to this initiative to promote reading”.


Client The Happy Reader Seb Emina, editor in chief; Gert Jonkers, editorial director. Production Companies Holy Fools Amsterdam, Chelsea, London & NY Johan Kramer, writer & director; Frank de Kok, Lisa Mehling, Collin Maas, exec producers; Defne Amit, Julia Oosterwegel, Erik Mertens, producers; Katja van den Broeke, DP; Nicola Balhuizen Hepp, The Movers, choreographer. Soundtrack Sounds by Thomas. Title Design FromForm

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