The Best Work You May Never See: Zombie Studio, FCB Health Brasil Team On “Malu” For Nestlé Health Science


Robert Goldrich
Thursday, Sep. 12, 2019


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Nutrition connects people around the world and can change lives. This is the concept of the tribute to nutritionists created by FCB Health Brasil for Nestlé Health Science. The idea is to show how nutrition brings people together and creates lasting bonds.

The uplifting animated video titled “Malu,” produced by Zombie Studios and directed by Paulo Garcia, introduces us to Malu as a child at school who receives nutritional care that is a true form of affection. The school chef helps Malu see food and mealtimes in a different way.  

The piece then fast forwards to Malu as an adult, now working as a nutritionist. She seeks to give back by also providing care and affection to her patients, showing a playful, positive side akin to the school chef who impacted her as a girl.


Client Nestlé Health Science Agency FCB Health Brasil Diego Freitas, Mauro Arruda, chief creative officers; Diogo Barbosa, art director; Laura Hyppolito, art director, illustrator; Breno Ferreira, copywriter, Charles Nobili, Murillo Moretti, Mariana Carneiro, Pedro Lazzuri, Ricardo Magozo, producers. Animation Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil Paulo Garcia, director; Daniel Salles, Yohann da Geb, creative directors; Natalia Gouvêa, exec producer; Antonela Castro, Marcio Lovato and  Leticia Harumi,producers; Gustavo Rangel, CG supervisor & composition; Ricardo Alves, Boson Post, composition. (Toolbox: Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush, Arnold, Nuke, Davinci) Color Grading Psycho n’ Look Music/Sound Design LOUD Felipe Vassao, producer.

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