Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Bryan Buckley Directs Conan O’Brien In "Fight" Promo For Lineage II Revolution Video Game


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Nov. 17, 2017


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Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man directed this spot featuring Conan O’Brien who describes himself as another celeb with too much time on his hands and “a lot of aggression.”  Thus O’Brien unwinds by beating up people dressed as fantasy characters. We see him doing just that at a Comic-Con type of gathering, acknowledging that such behavior is illegal.

Thankfully O’Brien has found a substitute form of beating up fantasy characters with the new Lineage II Revolution video game he can play on his cell phone. Of course when he is beaten by another player of this game online, O’Brien proceeds to physically beat up the guy who vanquished him.


Client Netmarble/Lineage II Revolution Creative Conaco Jeff Ross, executive producer; Mike Sweeney, head writer. Production Hungry Man Bryan Buckley, director; Kevin Byrne, managing partner, exec producer; Mino Jarjoura, exec producer/partner;Dan Duffy, Caleb Dewart, exec producers; Jacki Sextro, exec producer/head of production; Rick Jarjoura, producer; Mike O’Connor, production supervisor. Editorial Exile Edit Kirk Baxter, editor; Jennifer Locke, head of production; Remy Foxx, sr. producer. VFX/Post The Mill Anastasia Von Rohl, sr. producer

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