Buzzman, Burger King France Make Burgers At Dinner Table Political


Robert Goldrich
Tuesday, Sep. 10, 2019


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Burger King has established a new political election campaign in France, launching Democratic Burger: the first 2€ democratically elected burger. The brand for the first time in its history will invite French people to vote for the 2€ burger that they want for the following week. 

The weekly elections began on Sept. 2 (founder day for the French democracy) and run through October 6.

In this initiative from Paris agency Buzzman, Burger King France decided to invite all the French people to vote on its app in order to weekly elect the burger that will be at 2€ among 8 in the running (Crispy Chicken, Big King®, Big Fish, Whopper®, Chicken Tendercrisp®, Steakhouse, BBQ Cheese & Bacon et Bacon Lover).

Directed by Cloe Bailly via Film Caviar, this TV spot promoting the campaign shows a family dinner table conversation turning contentious and political--all over which burger deserves to be elected.


Client Burger King France Agency Buzzman, Paris Georges Mohammed-Cherif, president, executive creative director; Julien Doucet, Lilian Moine, creative directors; Thibault Picot, Yvonnick Le Bruchec, art directors/copywriters; Loris Bernardini, head of social media; Clement Scherrer, head of strategic planning; Vanessa Barbel, head of TV production; Benoit Crouet, TV producer. Production Film Caviar Cloe Bailly, director; Celine Roubaud, producer. Postproduction Firm Sound Production Schmooze

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