Buzzman Looks To Fill Vacancy At Home of the Whopper


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Dec. 27, 2019


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It seems that Burger King® Belgium has not found anyone named Whopper to offer them the rent-free apartment above their new restaurant in Louvain. While some might see it as a failure, the generous brand and its Paris-based ad agency Buzzman prefer to see it as an opportunity to let an “almost” Whopper win.

Burger King Belgium had initially been looking for a person named Whopper to offer them the  rent-free apartment for a year. But that effort was to no avail as there didn’t seem to be anyone with that name.

Thus Buzzman launched “The Home of the Almost Whopper” campaign. If your name is “Hopper”, “Wapper”, “Wupper” or any other name that resembles Whopper, you may have the chance to live in a rent-free apartment just above the new Louvain restaurant, in other words to almost live at Burger King.

This :30 web film serves as a call out to the lucky future resident.


Client Burger King Belgium Agency Buzzman, Paris Georges Mohammed-Cherif, president, executive creative director; Thomas Granger, VP; Julien Levilain, managing director; Louis Audard, Tristan Daltroff, creative directors; Geoffrey Poulain, art director; Ninon Peres, copywriter; Vanessa Barbel, head of TV production; Benoit Crouet, Saveria Besset, TV producers. Production Cousines et Dependances Benoit Petre, director; Yann Girard, producer. Sound Production Kouz Postproduction Nod

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